Chelsea Cololo lashes is a UK based  Eyelash Extension Store and have since made a breakthrough in the industry since its founding in 2020. The Luxury beauty brand has been established on the foundation of providing our clients with premium range eyelashes. 

We specialise in a variety of reusable luxury strip lashes to suit any look or occasion. Our premium pieces are delicately handmade, with that being said we take extreme pride in our cruelty free strips! 

We provide a range of styles including: Russian, Mink & Vegan - These all come with different variations of dimensions, length, volume & distinctive patterns, allowing you to express your individuality unapologetically.Our team of beauty professionals are here to address all your needs, making sure you are satisfied with your next purchase. Over the year, our company has expanded its selection of beauty products as well as accessories.

Our mission at Chelsea Cololo lashes is to empower and elevate all women to be the best versions of themselves. 

A pair of Chelsea Cololo Lashes is the perfect accessory to finish off any makeup look. Whether it's a pair of our subtle 'Sweetheart' lashes for an every- day go-to look or our ‘Dramatic’ strip for a bold statement look, we've got you covered! - Because A lash and a wink will get you further than you think”

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